Barbecue safety tips

Before you begin grilling

We recommend that you keep a few points in mind to ensure that your outdoor cooking experience is safe and enjoyable.

Rubber hose

In direct sunlight your rubber connector pipe can become brittle. When this happens, small cracks can appear in it.

Our tip: replace all rubber connector pipes with new ones every two years. The year of manufacture is stamped on the pipe.

Pressure regulators

The Swiss thread standard differs from those of neighbouring countries. Pressure regulators purchased outside Switzerland seem to fit the thread on the canister neck, but in fact do not fit snugly and when the canister is in use the neck is not sealed.

Our tip: use only pressure regulators that conform to Swiss standards.

Canister contents

You should check the contents of your LPG canister from time to time. To find out how this is done, click here.

Positioning your gas canister

When you are cooking on your barbecue, do not position the gas canister underneath. The heat from the barbecue can damage the seal around the canister outlet without your noticing it. This might mean that the outlet can no longer be closed off properly.


For safety reasons you should always store your gas canister outdoors in a standing position. The canister and its contents can safely withstand all temperatures naturally occurring in Switzerland. The gas does not deteriorate with age: even after years of storage it retains its original quality.


By law, gas canisters must be tested every 15 years. The next test year is indicated on the collar (5 kg canisters), on the base ring (10.5 kg canisters) or on the ring set into the collar (composite canisters). SOCAR recommends that customers exchange canisters that have exceeded their test date for new ones at the earliest opportunity.

Screw connections

To avoid confusion with water connections, the necks on propane gas canisters in Switzerland are manufactured with a left-handed thread, so that tightening and loosening the connection feel “the wrong way round”.


SOCAR products comply with Swiss standards, which differ from those that apply abroad. If you use a gas appliance (barbecue, cooker, etc.) purchased outside Switzerland, for safety reasons you must replace the bought pressure regulator and feeder pipe/hose with components authorised for use in Switzerland. Ill-fitting seals can result in gas leaks!

Please follow the safety instructions below when handling LPG canisters.