Gas canisters

With SOCAR propane gas canisters you have your energy supply wherever you need it. This highly portable energy supply can be used easily and conveniently for barbecues, cooking stoves, radiators, fan heaters or even burners and other appliances without the need for major fitting or installation work.

Your advantages with SOCAR gas

• Complete range of propane gas cylinders
• Switzerland-wide and secure supply through our main reseller
• Constant monitoring of the product quality according to ISO 9001
• Service and technical support by SOCAR specialists
• Experienced sales team at your disposal

Our range of canisters consists of 5 steel canisters (5 kg, 10.5 kg and 33 kg, and 10.5 kg for use by motorists [yellow]) and two composite canisters (7.5 kg and 10 kg), giving you ample choice for your personal uses.

Deposit cards / card loss forms

Whenever you buy a SOCAR propane gas canister you pay a deposit and, as confirmation
that we have received it, we give you a deposit card. Please keep this deposit card safe. When you return the empty canister to your dealer, you can exchange it for a new, full propane gas canister without having to leave another deposit. If you would like to return an empty canister without exchanging it for a new one, simply hand in the deposit card along with the empty canister at any SOCAR sales outlet and we will refund your deposit.

Lost your deposit card?

Sales outlets

With around 1,400 SOCAR sales outlets located throughout Switzerland, you do not have to go far to find the right energy supply for your needs. Our extensive network of authorised suppliers will provide you with a perfect, all-round installation and advisory service.

To find a sales outlet near you, please contact the SOCAR authorised suppliers.

SOCAR gas canisters are also available from a number of Migros and Jumbo specialist stores, SPAR outlets and SOCAR / Esso petrol stations.

Authorised suppliers

German-speaking Switzerland

Blaser und Trösch AG
Hauptstrasse 268
4625 Oberbuchsiten
Tel. 062 393 22 88

Selzam AG
Harzachstrasse 8
8404 Winterthur
Tel. 052 233 25 21

Gebr. Kuoni Transport AG
Via Zups 2
7013 Domat/Ems
Tel. 081 286 30 40

Gaszentrum Schori AG
Wegmühlegässli 100
3065 Bolligen
Tel. 031 921 20 48

F. Murpf Handels AG
Industriestrasse West 36
4614 Hägendorf
Tel. 062 209 49 73

Reinhard Tschanz AG
Grönweg 9
3658 Merligen
Tel. 033 251 24 34

French-speaking Switzerland

Deville-Mazout Sàrl
Ch. du Moulin-des-Frères
1214 Vernier
Tel. 022 795 05 00

Gazomat, F. Kocher
Vieux-Moulin 40 a
2852 Courtételle
Tel. 032 423 29 29

Italian-speaking Switzerland

Edilcentro Wullschleger SA
via del Tiglio 5
6512 Giubiasco
Tel 091 850 45 45

Frigerio SA
via Varesi 18
6600 Locarno
Tel. 091 756 06 39

Please note that the outlets listed above will continue to take empty Esso gas canisters (steel and composite) in part-exchange for new ones or against reimbursement of the canister deposit.

Barbecue safety tips

How much gas is left in my canister?

FAQs on gas canisters