We invest in the highest quality – in fuels with additives

Did you know, that 40% of all fuel sold on the Swiss market does not contain any cleaning additives.

Cleaning additives help ensure trouble-free combustion of the fuel in your vehicle's engine. SOCAR has been using cleaning additives in all its fuels for years, in everything from regular unleaded to diesel.

These cleaning additives affect the fuel's quality and take it to a higher level than fuels without additives.

Unlike fuels from providers who do not use additives, all SOCAR quality fuels do not leave deposits in your engine. Rather, they are designed to protect against any further deposits. In this way they help to keep your engine clean so that it can achieve the performance intended by the manufacturer. SOCAR's cleaning formula for greater efficiency.*

*Compared to fuels without cleaning additives from other providers

SOCAR VELVET 98 – protects and maintains your engine

SOCAR VELVET 98 has a highly effective double-acting protective formula specially designed to ensure that the inlet system and in particular the inlet valves are kept clean:

1. Protective substances lie like a second skin over the sensitive parts of the engine.

2. In addition, the powerful cleaning additives ensure that any existing engine contamination is removed, such as that caused by filling up with fuels without additives.

In addition, SOCAR VELVET 98 has a high knock resistance being 98 octane fuel. Modern engines with intelligent knocking sensor systems can also use the potential within fuels with a higher octane number in terms of increased performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Higher octane content fuel can be used in any petrol engine without any problems. Therefore, SOCAR VELVET 98 can be used in all cars with petrol engines.


Safety fact sheet engine petrol (with additives) – German