Our partner on Lake Geneva

Deville-Mazout Sàrl, a wholly owned subsidiary of SOCAR, has been distributing and selling top-quality petroleum products in the Lake Geneva region for more than 60 years. Its small team of dynamic, flexible, efficient specialists will be delighted to offer you the products that are best-suited to your needs.

Heating instalments

Pay for your heating costs in monthly instalments and spread the financial burden over the whole year.

Payment by credit card

No cash required. Our drivers are equipped with portable card terminals, allowing you to pay by card wherever you are.


Deville-Mazout Sàrl
Chemin du Moulin-des-Frères 4
CH-1214 Vernier/Geneva
Phone: 022 795 05 05
Fax: 022 795 05 06

Deville-Mazout Sàrl
Avenue de Longemalle 17
1020 Renens
Phone: 021 635 92 71
Fax: 021 634 20 74