SOCAR – a new premium brand in Switzerland

CEO Edgar Bachmann emphasises that SOCAR Energy Switzerland has set itself ambitious objectives: «SOCAR was positively received by the Swiss market within a very short space of time. Right from the start, the aim was to establish a premium brand with widespread public acceptance. It promises top quality, outstanding customer service, high safety standards and exemplary operational management.»

To develop the new logo and brand image, SOCAR engaged the services of the agency Jung von Matt/brand identity. The result is a flame-shaped logo in blue, red and green combined with the trademark «SOCAR». Flames are the visible manifestation of fire, symbolising energy, life, confidence, togetherness and hope, peace and – not least – hospitality. All these associations fit very well with the SOCAR brand: the SOCAR flame is supposed to be a highly recognisable marker for places of safety and rest where people on the move can stop and refuel – themselves as well as their vehicles – since September 2012.

The SOCAR values: standards we aspire to

Our quality brand, our employees and our work processes make us one of the leading energy companies in Switzerland. We fulfil this aspiration on a daily basis through:

- the safe and dependable provision of premium energy products and associated services for our customers in Switzerland

- sustainable and profitable growth by striving for outstanding performance in everything we do.

The values we live by – responsibility, trustworthiness and dynamism – help us achieve these goals.

Our commitment to responsible thinking and action is reflected in the high ethical and professional standards by which we manage our company. In going about our business, we take our responsibility for our customers, suppliers and employees seriously at all times. In this we are a strong and dependable energy partner whose constant striving is to meet society’s growing need of energy.

Trust is the basis on which the cooperation between our customers, business partners and employees is founded. It is not something we take for granted: trust is built only when we prove ourselves trustworthy. This we demonstrate on a daily basis by supplying our customers with a range of energy products safely, quickly and efficiently.

We never stand still, working to develop our company ever further with a forward-looking vision and a strong customer focus. At the centre of our endeavours is an unswerving commitment to ongoing improvement, so that by achieving the goals we set ourselves, we create truly satisfied customers. This we do by moving with the times, identifying trends and continually improving our products using state-of-the-art technologies, as well as expanding our services and implementing new ideas.